Printed Bag & Notebook Guide

04 CATALOGUE & LOGO GUIDES Material Guide Find out more about the materials used across our product range and the qualities which make them the ideal choice. For further information call our sales office. Look out for this icon beside products which can be personalised with full colour logos.This means shades, tones or photographs can be reproduced. Please note this is not the default print technique, contact the sales office for pricing. Full Colour Print ing A number of products in the catalogue have great eco-friendly credentials; look out for the Green 4 Life logo beside qualifying products. For more information about the materials used please see the material guide on page 5 or contact the sales office. Green 4 Life Polyurethane, better know as PU, is durable, waterproof, easily wiped clean and achieves the leather look without the leather price. Within our range we use two types of PU: soft feel PU for our mole notebooks and padded PU for our conference folders and laptops bags. PU (Polyuret hane) Non woven PP is a recyclable plastic fabric with density measured in gsm (grams per square metre). It is durable yet lightweight with good colour retention and is easily wiped clean – great for our shoppers. It is designed to be repeatedly used over many years and can then be recycled. Non Woven pp (Polypropylene) Neoprene is from the synthetic rubber family and retains its shape even when it has been squeezed or compressed. Most importantly it is waterproof and padded, making it a perfect material for our laptop sleeves. Neoprene