Promotional Merchandise 2022

PERSONALISATION TECHNIQUES FOR A FULL PRODUCT INDEX BY CODE AND PRODUCT TYPE PLEASE SEE PAGES 196 AND 197 04 | PERSONALISATION TECHNIQUES Printing is the most popular and cost effective technique and can take the format of pad printing (also known as tampo) or screen printing. Pad or tampo printing involves the use of a pad to apply the ink to the product. Screen printing applies the ink via the use of a stencil placed on a porous material screen. Printing For Plastic, PU and Metal Produced using ink jet print machinery. The 4 colours, cyan, magenta, yellow and black, are used in different quantities to produce millions of different colours and shades. It is great for printing photos, four colour process images and more detailed logos Digital Printing For Flat Surfaces and Some Drinkware A type of screen printing in which the product is rolled along the screen so that the print covers the circumference of the product, creating a ‘wrap around’ print. Rotary Printing For Mugs, Flasks and Pens Litho printing is a method used to print text or artwork onto paper. The required image is etched onto a metal plate and then transferred to a rubber roller. The image is then taken from the roller and applied to the item. Litho Printing For Notebooks A printed image is applied to thermal paper which is then transferred to the item via a heat process. This technique is ideal for reproducing four colour process logos onto material based product. Transfer Printing For Material A very intricate process which involves carving the logo into the item, producing a permanent form of branding. In most cases engraving is performed by specialist computer guided laser engraving machinery. Engraving For Wood and Metal Self-adhesive printed label. For doming add an epoxy dome cover made of polyurethane resin; it’s durable, tough and long lasting. The label and doming process is often used to achieve four colour process logos and can be more cost effective than other printing methods, as it is the same cost regardless of the number of print colours. Label/Doming For Labels, Jars and Sanitisers Promos with Personality The following guide has been designed to explain the processes involved in the personalisation techniques available for our products throughout the catalogue. For further information please call our sales office.