Promotional Merchandise 2023

UNLESS STATED PRICES INC. 1 COL. 1 POS. PERSONALISATION. ARTWORK/ORIGINATION/CARRIAGE & VAT EXTRA. MOBILE & COMPUTER 74 MOBILE ACCESSORIES • LENS CLOTH MOBILE CLEANER MICRO POCKET ZF0008. MOBILE PHONE CLEANER Microfibre mobile phone screen cleaner that can be used repeatedly. Pad sticks to the back of your phone. Available in any shape or size up to 38 x 30mm. Size: Up to 38 x 30mm (cleaner) 90 x 60mm (card) Full Colour: Up to 38 x 30mm 500/£1.32 1000/£0.84 2500/£0.63 ZF0013. MICRO POCKET Soft microfibre cloth housed in a protective pouch. Ideal for cleaning glasses, camera lens, tablet and mobile phone screens. Available in various colours. Size: 150 x 180mm (cloth) 45 x 65mm (pouch) Print: 150 x 180mm 500/£3.02 1000/£2.84 2500/£2.76 ZF0006. LENS CLOTH Microfibre lens cloth for cleaning glasses. Can be Pantone®matched. Size: 152 x 180mm . Print: 152 x 180mm 500/£1.02 1000/£0.83 2500/£0.71